It’s Not My Place

When I posted a new blog on Sunday, September 11, 2011 featuring some links about news and sports (which I do on occasion), I did it as a distraction for individuals who wanted a few minutes, part of a day, or a whole day to take their minds off of the 10th anniversary of the domestic attacks of 2001. 

I do not like calling it 9/11.  I never had liked referring to it as 9/11.  Secondly, there has been plenty of blogs, columns, articles, images, rememberences, and other things you have read, watched, or listened to all day or week-long. 

Sometimes, it’s necessary to step away from it, if just for a few minutes.  Hence my reason for not posting anything about the domestic attacks.  Let this be the one and only time I will reference it. 

You don’t need to know where I was at when it happened.  It’s insignificant to you and me. 

This anniversary shouldn’t be the one and only day to spend promising ourselves to be better individuals or spend the day being bitter and mournful. The lessons we promised ourselves days after the attacks have withered away.  I wonder if we really learned anything from that day, in terms of respect, civility, humility, and our actions and words? 

The optimist in me was hoping that was the case. 

The realist in me know better.   

We haven’t changed. 

Life goes on, sadly and begrudgingly.  Life is not fair.  Never was.  There was no one I know, family or friends, who lost their lives in the 2001 attacks or the military pursuit of those who committed this act.  So, it’s not worth me sitting and telling people about how I feel, when I lost no one or felt directly impacted by it.  I’m one of 230+ million people who go about their daily lives, just like the 3500+ that were doing the very same thing on that fall Tuesday morning in 2011.  

You never know when your time is up, be it an act of violence, or by nature. 

But that doesn’t mean I’ve had my share of sadness and happy moments in my life. 

I have to keep living the life I have:  walk, talk, see, eat, whatever keeps me going. 

I have to keep walking forward.  It’s the only way for me to keep going. 

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