It’s Hard to Move On When You’re Still Stuck in the Past (11/22/10)

It was a wild win over Creighton yesterday as Jamie Vanderbeken, with the ball in his hands, turned around, and with a man in his face, drains a 29-footer at the buzzer for a Cyclone win.

The big story should be the game and the ending.

Sadly, a couple of ISU students, their pep band, and a couple of Cyclones fans ruin that great moment.

Cyclones fans, like Hawkeyes fans, can’t seem to move beyond the past when it comes to Greg McDermott.  So much so, a small portion Cyclone fans (not all of them), are still talking about a guy who isn’t coaching their basketball team anymore.

In April, I wrote it was a good divorce for ISU and McDermott.  Some jerks didn’t see it that way on my Juice blog and proceed to call me every name in the book.  When I replied back and challenged them, they never responded back.


Congratulations to the ISU student section and the pep band.  You sullied this great win by being jackasses during the game by shouting crude and snide remarks to McDermott and his son.  I hope you got what you wanted.  You represent the school, not the fans.  You embarrassed the school by your actions.  President Gregory Geoffroy should be admonishing you as Harvey Perlman did to Bo Pelini.

Your unwillingness to move on and leave the past amazes and saddens me.  You can’t even enjoy a great game and a wild win, without ruminating about the past.

In my book, you’re not fans.  Never were.

No wonder why coaches and players have more class than fans do.