Feeding Frenzy

Former college classmate Chris Thomas penned an entry on his blog last month on the heels of the Boston Marathon bombing. Chris wrote about how the zeal of “being the first” with a story causes the media to make too many mistakes and trip over themselves. He points out that viewers, and society in general, … More Feeding Frenzy

“Let Them Own It”

Recently, I’ve noticed how people are obsessed with getting revenge or demanding their recourse over things that have happened to them, or something that was said to them.  They feel the urge to respond to everything angrily and emotionally.  No wonder why we’re on a one-way trip to a nervous breakdown.  This week, a 2 … More “Let Them Own It”

The “Power” of Gus

Over the past week, Coldplay and Nickelback provided lessons in creating and cultivating your brands in social media.  The main idea is, by combining what Michael Wagner and the Ad Mavericks gang have written, that if you continue to create and cultivate your brand, the more people will gravitate towards it, via traditional or social media.  I don’t … More The “Power” of Gus