It’s Never Boring When You Have Topics to Write About

Today is the fifth anniversary of “Des Moines Is Not Boring”, a blog dedicated to touting and showing everyone that Des Moines is not boring…ever. The brainchild of Pete Jones has expanded over the years, with featured writers and topics, but the premise remains the same, which is there is plenty of events, activities, and … More It’s Never Boring When You Have Topics to Write About

The Longest Week

My grandfather was watching a television show on a late humid-soaked Sunday night, July 12, 1981.  My grandparents lived in a well-kept home where my mother and her siblings grew up in on the east side of Waterloo, Iowa, near downtown.  As he was getting ready to go to bed, Grandma and him heard several loud “bangs”, … More The Longest Week

Still Standing

Leonard Raffensperger, Jerry Moses, Reggie Roby, Howard Vernon, and Jim Miller.   George Dutcher, Jim Berry, Don Perkins, Kelly Ellis, and Courtney Messingham.  Those names roll off of my tongue like the staccato of a Tommy gun.  Mike Woodley, Mike Allen, Glen Strobridge, and Forry Smith.  All of these individuals and images have one thing in common…they … More Still Standing