Murder and Fire: A Dark Night

My dad walked into the house on the evening of January 10, 1983. The week before, I turned seven years old. I don’t recall what I did on my birthday, only that I had cake and ice cream while watching the Rose Bowl. It was a yearly tradition for me. Dad came through the garage…

Who’s Running This City Anyway??

While the attention has been centered around Washington, two Iowa cities are embroiled in local government infighting between mayors and city councils.

A Tiger’s Roar: Pat Mitchell (1939-2015)

Pat Mitchell was the head football coach at Cedar Falls for so long, I thought he was the only football coach the Tigers ever had.

Mitchell’s passing last week not only an end of a great era for Cedar Falls athletics, but a major loss of one of the most iconic sports figures in Cedar Valley and Iowa prep history.

Fractured Lives

I was going to post a topic that merited a discussion, but I have something a lot more important to roll out this afternoon. In the past, I have written about mental illness and suicide, and the ongoing misunderstanding and handling of individuals who are affected by mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar depression,…

March Mad-links: March 12, 2011

                              When you start hearing yourself scream or jump out of your seats over the past couple of days, you know that the most exciting time of the year for sports fans has arrived:  March Madness in college basketball.  I hope everyone was able to get adjusted to Daylight Savings Time…