“Dear Cityview…” July 19, 2006

When Juice premiered in 2006, there was a lot of criticism about the publication, namely from Cityview Magazine. Cityview spent every week making Juice (and the Register) their personal pinata, attacking them for writing “fluff” pieces and not “hard news” as Cityview stakes their claim to. The statement below from Cityview’s “Winners and Losers” column propelled me to send … More “Dear Cityview…” July 19, 2006

Hold Your Applause

On Wednesday, President Obama publicly came out and announced his stance on same-sex marriages.  This is a few days after Vice President Biden announced his position on it as well, but with less fanfare.  To no surprise to me, both have said that they are in support of same-sex marriages, which was something that the … More Hold Your Applause

Intelligent and Disillusioned

You know that person in your office, next door, or at the coffeehouse.  That extremely intelligent person who is so smart … …they are unable to break out of their “intelligence” hell. Intellectually brilliant and socially inept.  Unable to figure out.  Ted Kaczynski, Keith Olbermann, Bob Knight, and I come to mind.  Gifted, intelligent, and socially awkward.  We can recall information, … More Intelligent and Disillusioned