“Let Them Own It”

Recently, I’ve noticed how people are obsessed with getting revenge or demanding their recourse over things that have happened to them, or something that was said to them.  They feel the urge to respond to everything angrily and emotionally.  No wonder why we’re on a one-way trip to a nervous breakdown.  This week, a 2 … More “Let Them Own It”

Fractured Lives

I was going to post a topic that merited a discussion, but I have something a lot more important to roll out this afternoon. In the past, I have written about mental illness and suicide, and the ongoing misunderstanding and handling of individuals who are affected by mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar depression, … More Fractured Lives

Suicide Knows No Boundaries, Even in the Locker Room

Earlier this month I wrote an entry about mental health and sports.  New York Giants offensive lineman Shawn Andrews, along with Kansas City Royals pitcher Zack Greinke, faced either skepticism or support when they came out in public about their struggle with dealing with depression. On Tuesday, second year Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Kenny McKinley … More Suicide Knows No Boundaries, Even in the Locker Room