Last week, I attended a going away party. In the midst of the fun and the enjoyment, a long-held thought crept into my mind again. It was hard to dismiss it. My gear is stuck in neutral. I’m at the proverbial crossroads of what the rest of my life will end up being. Everyone around … More Crossroads

“Let Them Own It”

Recently, I’ve noticed how people are obsessed with getting revenge or demanding their recourse over things that have happened to them, or something that was said to them.  They feel the urge to respond to everything angrily and emotionally.  No wonder why we’re on a one-way trip to a nervous breakdown.  This week, a 2 … More “Let Them Own It”

“The Breaks”

Sometimes, in sports or life, you get the breaks that help you succeed.  In contrast, a couple of bad breaks can be dispiriting. Many of you knew that Iowa’s schedule looked favorable, if a few things went their way.  That is not the case this season.  Right now, many of you are still in denial … More “The Breaks”