A Little Help In Remembering a Dark Week in Iowa Sports

The start of the new year has been quiet and busy, but 2013 will mark some important events in history…particularly here in Iowa. Last week was the 30th anniversaries of the spectacular Simpson’s Furniture fire in Cedar Falls and the slaying of Black Hawk County public defender Alvin Davidson in front of the Brown Bottle … More A Little Help In Remembering a Dark Week in Iowa Sports

Sage Advice

Thursday, December 22, 2011 will be another day for my mom.  She’ll head into work, order parts for the 2012 combines, review the plans, and then send them to the engineers for their final sign-off or make changes.  When 4:00 p.m. comes, she’ll pick up her purse, lunch bag, and a few things, and head … More Sage Advice

A First for Mom

This afternoon, my mom will be boarding a plane heading to Brazil for a business trip.  As a 35+ year employee of John Deere, they felt that Mom should go on this trip before she retires early next year, not just for the work, but also for the experience.  Deere has a plant in Horizontina, … More A First for Mom


I felt somewhat guilty for missing CIB on Friday, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to head back to my hometown of Waterloo for a few days.  As a volunteer and board member for the American Diabetes Association, I offered to drive home to represent the ADA at the 3rd annual CultureFest at the … More Misconceptions