“The Streak” Gives Way To A New Streak

On Friday, November 22nd, the Iowa City Regina High School football team won their fourth straight Class 1-A state football championship. More importantly, they accomplished two more things: they broke a 41-year old record and, if you are willing to accept the Iowa High School Athletic Association‘s interpretation of the record book, they tied another … More “The Streak” Gives Way To A New Streak

Playbook: Lessons From John Madden

I am currently reading “Madden:  A Biography” by St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist and HBO “Real Sports” contributor Bryan Burwell about NFL Hall of Fame  (HOF) coach and television analyst John Madden.    Believe it or not, Madden’s great-grandfather moved from Pennsylvania to Iowa in the 1800’s, settling outside of Eldora.  One of his childhood friends is former USC … More Playbook: Lessons From John Madden

The “Power” of Gus

Over the past week, Coldplay and Nickelback provided lessons in creating and cultivating your brands in social media.  The main idea is, by combining what Michael Wagner and the Ad Mavericks gang have written, that if you continue to create and cultivate your brand, the more people will gravitate towards it, via traditional or social media.  I don’t … More The “Power” of Gus