The Paradox of “The Adversity Paradox”

In their book “The Adversity Paradox” Barry Griswell and Rob Jennings talked about Millennials and the lack of adversity in their short young lives.  One sentence caught my attention.  “Job hopping has replaced putting in time with a new employer to work out any frustrations.” –page 80, “The Adversity Paradox” To me, the authors were … More The Paradox of “The Adversity Paradox”

Is Generation X the “middle-class” generation?

On Tuesday, I listened to David Stillman’s presentation “Generations in the Workplace”, hosted by the Business Record and Merit Resources.  I would write up an entire blog about it, but an acquaintance of mine, Isaiah McGee, beat me to it.  His Iowa Biz column will explain more about the different generations in the workplace. Several … More Is Generation X the “middle-class” generation?