“A Day for Mike”

A fellow home-towner from Waterloo and public relations consultant, Kelly Moore, asked me to pass something along about an event that is coming up on Sunday. I will do that, but a story to tell you why this upcoming event is being held, needs to be told.

Mike Wasike was being a Good Samaritan.

A native Kenyan, Mike and his family settled in Des Moines, where he was working two jobs to provide a stable living for his family. You know, the same thing that all of us do every day: wake up, kiss the kids, head to work, grind it out, head home, dinner with family, and head for bed.

It was an ordinary day for Mike this past February when he came up on three teenagers who he assumed needed help. He gets out of his car to see if the kids needed help.

They didn’t need help.

Nor did they help him.

It was a car-jacking.

The teenagers brutally and savagely assaulted Mike. Wasike was left for dead. In an odd way, with the current discussion of bullying, whether online or in a locker room, individuals who commit acts of violence in the nature that was done to Wasike, are the worst bullies to society.

Mike Wasike is currently in a rehab facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Blind, paralyzed, and unable to talk, any semblance of normal life is irreversible. Thanks to three individuals who chose to be bullies on that cold February night.

The emotional and financial toll is huge for his family. I didn’t have to tell you that. We’ve seen it so many times on TV, read it in the newspapers, and heard it on radio.

A group of volunteers and the congregation at Maple Grove United Methodist Church took it upon themselves help Wasike’s family and him.

On Sunday, November 17th, Maple Grove will host a charitable auction at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center (aka Vets Auditorium) in Des Moines from 3pm to 6pm. It is free and open to the public. There will be auction items that will be up for bid, music by the Waukee Big Band, and making get well cards for Mike.

The proceeds from Sunday’s charitable event will go to financially help Mike’s family and go to provide continue rehabilitation and care for Mike.

You can learn more about how you can make a freewill donation or would like to do more to help Wasike and his family at the TeamWasike website.

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