Thoughts on Boston, Hockey, and a Beautiful Bulldog

Big Papi sends a message…no one (bleeps) with Boston…or the United States. (New York Post)

A couple of thoughts from the week that was.

A friend tweeted upon the capture of the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing Friday evening:

Welcome relief & cheers at end of the day. Still a higher need to prevent more tragic weeks like this from happening.

My reply to him:

We can do everything possible to stop it, but something will happen, regardless how much we do to prevent or stop it. Take this into account: we’re not like most places where violence of this scale happens everyday and every minute.

These are the main acts of violence/war/terrorist attacks against the U.S. since it became a country in 1776: the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, September 11th, Oklahoma City, and Boston. These acts are large-scale in our view as Americans, but it has no comparison to what other countries and areas have endured for years, decades, and centuries…non-stop.

No one is afraid to take a run at the United States anymore. How we haven’t been under attack more often says a lot about how much we have to keep our heads on a swivel, keep up with new technology, and snuff out potential troubles before it escalates.

Over the weekend, Des Moines Register sports editor Chad Leistikow wrote that the Iowa Wild, the AHL minor league team of the Minnesota Wild that will relocated here, need to emulate the “gold standard” placed by the Iowa Cubs.

What is exactly this “gold standard” that the Wild have to achieve?

Des Moines has had semi-pro/minor league baseball here longer than basketball, hockey, or soccer. They have been “entrenched” in the fabric in Des Moines for a long time. No matter how bad the I-Cubs are, people are going to watch them play. The Wild, Energy, and the Barnstormers don’t necessarily need to emulate the I-Cubs “gold standard”. They need to be their own team, not a replica of the Cubs.

Remember, these are the Cubs. Look at their parent club in Chicago. Not exactly “gold standard”. Cardinals fans think it’s funny to tout “gold standard” when it comes to futility on a major league level.

The encouraging factors about the Wild’s decision to move their AHL team to Des Moines are the following:

  • Minnesota will be running the team. No middleman. Remember Howard Baldwin and Schlegel Sports?  Minnesota have professionals who know what they’re doing, not wannabe movie producers and hacks.
  • Vested interest: Dallas didn’t care about having a team here, or wanted to be part of the community. It was a stop-gap so that they could place an AHL team closer to Dallas. Minnesota is next door to Iowa. That should say something.
  • Let them do their job: I hope the Polk County Board of Supervisors learned a few lessons from the last time. They may have constructed the building, but they need to let the people who know how to run the building do their job, and the sports people operate the team.

This week is Relays Week as the 104th annual Drake Relays gets underway. A crazy, fun week, for sure, and of course, Mother Nature will have a say in all of this.  If the weather holds up, I might sneak out during the lunch hour to watch the Grand Blue Mile race downtown.

But there’s nothing like the annual Drake Relays Most Beautiful Bulldog Contest.

Congratulations to Huckleberry, the 2013 Drake Relays Most Beautiful Bulldog. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

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