TEDx Des Moines 2012

TEDx Des Moines in 2011. RAYGUN owner Mike Draper addresses the crowd. (Des Moines Register)

About 6 years ago, an acquaintance talked about a conference in California that was gaining worldwide attention, because some famous people were giving presentations.  I didn’t pay much attention to it, not because I didn’t think it was interesting to hear what my friend listened to.  My impression was that the conference didn’t have someone like me in mind because the main topics were about technology, education, and design.

TED (Technology, Education, and Design) Talks has become a worldwide must-watch/listen/read since I first heard about it back in 2006.  I have to admit, I resisted it at first because the big names like Bill Gates and Al Gore were the headliners.  Secondly, as I noted in the first paragraph, TED didn’t “speak” to me.  I’m no tech geek, teacher, or a graphic designer.

That’s how naive I was.

I’ve watched a few presentations here and there that peeked my interest.  The one TED talk, however, that gravitated me towards learning more about TED was author Susan Cain’s presentation about introverts and the appeal to let introverted people be themselves and not force them to be extroverts for the sake of survival.

Next month, on July 15, Des Moines will host it’s 2nd TEDx Des Moines talk conference at the Science Center of Iowa.  TEDx is different from the big TED Talk in California in that TEDx is independently organized locally or regionally, and it adheres to the guidelines that is set by TED as far as content and structure of the event.

There are several speakers I have heard in the past and others I have not heard of before.  Secondly, there are people I know who have been asked to curate (or write) about their favorite TED speaker or topic.

While I’m excited and interested in attending, there is a personal sense of intimidation, for I have, well, really nothing to offer to the event, other than take notes and listen.  Plus, I have nothing on the speakers.  They have made a footprint in their field or experience.  TEDx is to inspire ideas and people.  The only field of experience I have is listening and writing.

I’ll be taking plenty of notes on July 15th.

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  1. Thanks, Romelle, for the great post about TEDxDesMoines. As one of the organizers of the event, I hope you will still come and soak up the inspiration, enlightenment, and wisdom with fellow attendees. It’s never our intent to exclude people or make them feel intimidated. We all are talented in different ways and the beauty and uniqueness of TED is that it unites people from so many backgrounds, industries, interests, and walks of life.

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