“Behind The Horn” With “Around The Horn”


Over the past week, my newest find on YouTube is the outtakes from ESPN’s Around The Horn called “Behind The Horn”, where host Tony Reali and the various panelists are talking about sports and non-sports stuff before they begin taping the show. 

As I watched each pre-show out-take, the surprise to me is that not Woody Paige, but from Bomani Jones, JA Adande, Tim Cowlishaw, and Bill Plaschke were the funniest and most amusing to listen to. 

Here are several clips of some interesting takes and observations from the ATH panel.

The first one is Jackie MacMullan, Bomani Jones, and Bill Plaschke talking about dialects from different parts of the country.  MacMullan, who is from Boston, detests the “Baahstin” accent. 

This is one of my favorites, as Adande talks about how different Los Angeles was when he returned there, including an O.J. Simpson sighting at a bar.  Bomani’s line on O.J. at the :33 mark is very funny. 

The joke’s on Tim Cowlishaw this time, as a viewer sent Tony Reali a picture of Tim (or a doppelganger of one) much to the guffaws of the panel.

Adande with another “celebrity-at-a game-story”, this time his interaction with Jay-Z.  Don’t ask me what Woody Paige was doing.  I have no clue what’s he doing.

The Halloween edition, with Josh Beckett, the NBA Lockout, Ron Swanson, and whatever Jackie was dressed up as.

Cowlishaw gets Kevin Blackistone to explain the poster of former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield in an office they used to share.  Mayfield, at the time of this clip, had firearms and meth stolen from his home. 

MacMullan describing how she drunk-dialed Charles Barkley.

Finally, everyone starts to do an impression of Edith Bunker from “All In The Family.”

That’s all I got.  Enjoy! 



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  1. Funny thing–I discovered these ‘outtakes’ this week as well. Good times. Love the show, and the clips.

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