Health…From The Heart

After watching and reading the fiasco between Planned Parenthood and the Susan G. Komen Foundation over the withdrawing of funding for breast cancer examinations for women who can not financially afford them, a light bulb went off in my head…

Men, we’re in trouble. 

Women have proven, time and again, that if there is a health issue that is important to them, they circle the wagons and rally to support it.  Breast cancer is on the top of the list when it comes to women’s health.  If the fiasco showed anything and it’s this:  if women can talk about breast cancer, then all of us can talk and advocate about other chronic illnesss and diseases.

If only Multilple Scerlosis, Cystic Fibrosis, and other conditions and non-profit health organizations can get as much attention by the public as breast cancer does (in a more positive situation), the better off we are in raising awareness, fundraising, education, and garnering more support from people for these causes.

Enough of the preaching, let’s get back to men.

Men, can we please stop acting like John Wayne when it comes to our health?  Being strong is one thing.  Being silent about what ails you can kill you.  If women can be public about how much they care about their health, then you know that we have some work to do when it comes to men’s health.

Women are not going to always carry the banner when it comes to advocating men’s health.  It’s getting a little silly when us guys dream about re-growing our hair, male enhancements, and other one-stop shop miracles of reliving our glory days.

Ladies, I know that Valentine’s Day is Tuesday.  Can I ask one tiny favor of all of you:

if your husband, boyfriend, or significant other is putting off seeing the doctor, checking his blood sugar, or doing what he needs to do to stay healthy, elbow him in the ribs and encourage him to talk about his health.  You are not afraid to speak up about what’s important in your health, so why stay quiet for him, or your family?

Skip the chocolates, the big dinner, and the flowers.  Take care of yourself.

It might be the best Valentine’s Day gift for him and you this year.

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