Basketball…Up All Night

Coach Ben Jacobson and his UNI Panthers tip off later tonight at St. Mary's. (Bleacher Report)

Last year, I was awake for nearly 24 hours to take in the College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon being televised on ESPN.  It was a fun experience. 

I was able to do it, simply because I was between jobs and didn’t have much to do besides sending resumes and networking. 

Now that I’m in the working world, that won’t be the case tonight as ESPN starts up another edition of 24-hours of hoop madness again this evening.  But, there is one exception I can make…

…the UNI Panthers are playing tonight.  The purple-clad Panthers of Cedar Falls has made the trek to Moraga, California to take on fellow mid-major powerhouse the Gaels of St. Mary’s.  Ken Fang, the man behind the great media resource and info website, Fang’s Bites, has the all of the details of who’s playing who between 11pm tonight until around 11pm tomorrow night. 

However, if you don’t want to bother your spouse in bed, flip on the radio to your local UNI affiliate station to listen to Gary Rima and Kevin Boyle.  While you’re at it, let’s keep our late night radio guys running the boards company on Twitter or on Facebook.  They will appreciate having Panthers fans and basketball fans along for the late night. 

So good to have college hoops return. 

Ooooh baby!!!!!!!

Blogger’s note:  St. Mary’s defeated UNI, 57-41.  Mark Emmert of the Des Moines Register files the game’s recap. 

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