Innovation Never Stops: Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

The late Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

For the record, I was never an Apple computer user.  Outside of using the early Mac from grade school at McKinstry Elementary to Wartburg College, I never considered myself a huge Apple aficionado.  Call me a dolt, but it was difficult to get used to the functions and the different things Apple provided.  I went from Gateway to Dell to now a HP laptop.

But that didn’t downgrade my respect for Apple, namely those who built Apple into the brand that it is, in name and products, such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Jobs, 56, passed away early Wednesday evening from complications of pancreatic cancer.  To many, it’s a shock, but to me it isn’t.  It was no secret that Steve Jobs’ health was one of major concern to the future of Apple and the technology world.  To Jobs and Apple, it was very imperative that Apple continued their mission and vision of creating products that would make daily life and technology easier.  That was something Jobs felt strongly about.

To many who say that they are stunned of his death, please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that someone is going to hang around forever.  That’s not how life is scripted.  A few will make it to 100, many are lucky to hit 80, and it’s tragic if someone doesn’t make it to 30.

Steve Jobs crammed his dreams, innovation, and visions into 56 years.  There’s nothing to be sad about, especially for the creative class, with respects to the technology world.  This world continues to evolve, and that is the way that Jobs want us to continue doing.

Steve Jobs, even in death, kept finding new ways for technology to be used in daily life.

Steve Jobs helped create Apple, and then he was unceremoniously dismissed.  Apple begged him to return when things started to go downhill.  It wasn’t because they were wrong.  They knew how much value and vision he had to make Apple bigger and better.  Without Apple, we wouldn’t have went from the landline phones to cell phones.  Cell phones and computers together wouldn’t have existed.  Being able to download videos, music, news, and horoscopes (guilty as charged) at the touch or swipe of a finger.  Yeah, Jobs and Apple came up with these ideas and it started a new era in technology and life.

What a wonderful and fulfilling life Jobs lived.  I’m not sad or shocked by his passing this evening.  And you shouldn’t either, but it’s understandable to mourn right now.  In the next few days, hopefully, you might come to the same conclusion I have.  He accomplished as much as he could…and he was never satisfied.  Keep creating and finding new avenues was his passion.

The lasting lesson that I have taken from Steve Jobs, as a HP fan, is that innovation never stops.  New ideas isn’t scribbled on paper and then tossed into the trash.  They are to be looked at, prodded, tested, and used.  This world continues to evolve at the palm of our hands.  Let’s not take these gadgets and visions for granted.

Jobs would have thrown a fit if that was the case.

Innovation never stops.

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