The Curious Case of a Trophy Gone Wrong

Here's an idea: use this trophy to promote and honor farm families at halftime of the Iowa/ISU game.

Alright…let’s get this out-of-the-way. 

  • The new Cy-Hawk trophy was head-scratcher to see.  It’s a good idea…for a wrong topic.  See my idea in the picture caption above.  There are ways to still use the trophy above and still tie it to the game…for better reason, if we want to honor our heritage and tradition of being an agricultural state. 
  • The people got what they wanted…a new trophy.  Now do us a favor, fans: don’t get too crazy.  A simple nice design will do. 
  • This is only my opinion:  I felt that Iowa and ISU threw the Iowa Corn Growers Association under the bus by not coming out immediately and defending them.  Both schools approached the ICG about sponsoring (remember, ICG was asked to sponsor) a trophy, had ample input into what they (schools) wanted in the new trophy, and had no issues with the design.  Today, at the presser, both schools tried to take some guilt for the fiasco, but for the flak that the ICG received, much credit is given to the ICG for explaining what went into the process, taking the criticism, and being open to come up with a new design. 

They owned it, when the schools didn’t want to.  Again, that’s my opinion. 

I didn't think it was a bad trophy. Today, fans understand how lucky we were to have this. Better support the new one that we vote for.
  • A sports talk show host attempted to blame the governor for propelling the ICG to do an about-face.  Correction, hombre.  If you stick a microphone in a person’s face and ask them for their opinion, guess what?  They will give your their opinion.  We, the fans, wanted to know, and ye shall hear it. 

Plus, it’s a bit juvenile for said show host to block or refuse to take calls on this topic.  I know that radio hosts always have the last word (see Jack Trudeau), but they show a lack of class by cutting off the audience. 

You are hired to talk local sports.  People care about the sports in their state and hometown.  Nobody cares about the New York Jets or the Winnipeg Jets. 

The opinions of the audience have a far greater impact than what a guy sitting behind the microphone thinks.  Thank goodness Murph and Andy understand the audience and let them voice their opinion. 

  • And please, for the love of Francis X. Cretzmeyer and Gary Thompson, stop with the “they turned a positive into a negative” line.  It’s clichéd and redundant.  Iowa Corn Growers did what they supposed to do:  take stock of the opinions of their customers and the public. 

Every company, organization, entrepreneur, and others have to do this on a daily basis.  If they don’t, people who are on Twitter will not be afraid to say it and pass the word. 

It’s called listening to your audience, even if they don’t use their product.  ICG did their job.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Now, get off of their backs and help them out with putting together a new trophy. 

I rest my case. 

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