A Good Man Heads East

London, can you make room for a great photographer? I'm sure you can.

A good guy is going to meet up with his wife in London in a few days. 

He’s pretty excited about the new challenge that the both of them are going to experience.  Yet, here in my little world, it will feel like a void. 

Arturo Fernandez, Art for short, is as classy, genial, and professional of an individual as you can get.  As a photographer/photojournalist, his credentials and work stands out.  Every picture he takes, there’s a story behind it.  Every person, place, or thing that is on that picture has something to tell or show. 

People who take pictures for a living are storytellers without words.  You can look at an image and see the story, rather than hear it. 

This is why I’m writing this safe travels and stay in touch letter to Art.  We ended up becoming friends when I started blogging for Juice, the weekly tabloid for young professionals, in spring 2006.  I never saw myself as photogenic.  Heck, I cringe if I see a yearbook or Facebook and see the faces of my friends, much less myself. 

Art found a way to get a smile out of me every time his camera shutter clicked.  Even on my worst days. 

Art Fernandez...London bound.

Art’s worst day was about a month ago.  He was part of the latest round of layoffs from his employer.  There was a lot of outrage, anger, and dread.  But how can anything as bad as that rain-out sullied a positive person’s perspective?  Art took some time to travel to visit family and picked up a few short gigs between last month and this week. 

Today, Art is getting ready to head to London to meet up with his wife, Lisa, who is starting graduate school.  They will be there for a few years, and quite possibly be in the middle of everything next summer when the Summer Olympics take over Big Ben, Parliament, 10 Downing Street, and Westminster Abbey.  I hope he lands a great opportunity to take his camera along and tell a story, without words, for the world to see next summer. 

I will miss seeing my good friend.  But we will stay in touch. 

Those fish and chips better be the real deal and not the Long John Silver variety. 

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