Sports and News Links – July 7, 2011

After 43 years and tape delay dissing by NBC, Wimbledon's new doubles partner will be ESPN.

It has been awhile since I done some scouring the web to find some stories that are interesting and worth checking out.  Then again, as busy as I have been over the past two weeks, I haven’t been able post regularly as I would like to.

Let’s get to the business.

The dominoes continue to fall for NBC.  As they keep patting themselves on the back for retaining the rights to the Olympics, Wimbledon dropped the bomb and announced that they have signed ESPN to a 12-year deal to broadcast all of the matches…live…from the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.  NBC’s penchant to continue tape-delaying sporting events may work well for the London Games next year, but it’s killing them in everything else.

Will Lyles is talking and Oregon may have some issues, unless his accusations doesn't hold water.

The Big Lead and Sports by Brooks thinks that Oregon could be the next college school to get tagged for violations.  Suspected street-agent Will Lyles is admitting that he was steering high-profile prep recruits to Oregon and that he was paid $25,000.  The fact that Oregon and Kelly has yet to come out to rebut Lyles’ story could loom large over the land of the Ducks.

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that one of my favorite sports radio host, Ben Maller (@benmaller), have looked like he lost a few pounds every time I watched the online stream to his weekend show. I was right.  Big Ben writes to The Post Game about how he lost 200 pounds. It’s called making small lifestyle changes.  No magic pill, no special diet. 

This was the Ben Maller listeners know. Wait until you see the new Ben.

Has the NFL lockout taught current players how to manage (and save) their money?  Do they even care?  Will it finally get NBA players to do the same?  Black Sports Online delves into the issue of athletes who go broke after the playing days are done or a lockout leaves them without a steady paycheck.  Frankly, they should learn a lesson or two from unemployed Americans about saving money and being better managers of their finance. 

Forty years ago this month, Ed Sullivan hosted his final show on CBS.  For most Gen Xers and nearly all Millenials, they don’t know who Ed Sullivan is and how important he is to television history.  Sullivan is the original “American Idol” and Gerald Nachman writes a nostalgic commentary for the Los Angeles Times about Sullivan. 

I want to close with the two most indelible themes that was Wimbledon on NBC.  The first one is the 1991 Wimbledon opening.  This theme to me symbolizes England and tennis on Centre Court.  The second clip is the closing from the 2001 Wimbledon.  The title of this is “World Champion” by Keith Mansfield

That’s it for today.   

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