Different Roles for Father’s Day


A doting uncle can't help but to smile when he sees his adorable nieces.


I’m not a Husband/Boyfriend or a Dad…yet.  Hopefully I dream and will become one soon.  When it comes to fathers (Father’s Day) and mothers (on Mother’s Day), there is a lot of sentimental images and thoughts that comes to mind for a lot of people. 

I won’t lie, I wished I  would have a family of my own now, but a couple of things this past week served as a nice reminder that I’m already among family, in two different roles. 

Uncles are meant to be the class clown, the benevolent supplier of candy, ice cream, kisses, and sometimes money, and the guy who gets conned into letting the niece and nephew get what they want…as long as the kid(s) doesn’t disclose that Mommy and Daddy has already told them ‘no.’  Uncles are also charged with playing games with kids.  Soccer, t-ball, and riding bicycles are among numerous things I can do.  Put me in front of a Wii, and my 7-year old niece is akin to the New England Patriots teeing off on the Sisters of the Poor:  you can compete, but you will never win.  Especially with her. 


Very blessed to have a "family" where I live, even if my family is far away.


A friend is the individual who is there when you least expect it, always there when you need them, and the face that gives you comfort and clarity.  There are friends who have parents, who have lost parents, and who are far away from them.  Regardless of status, you are a member of a community that provides a “family” and reminds you that you are never alone. 

My family is visiting me in two weeks as I’m going to receive a volunteer award.  The 4-month old has figured out how to suck her thumb, know when it’s bedtime, and get cranky.  The 7-year old expects me to fill her new kiddie pool and put on my trunks and wade in it with her. 

I attended a memorial service for a friend’s brother a few days ago.  I’m usually  a person who can shut off my emotions and be stoic as well as be a shoulder to cry on or offer comforting words.  It was me who needed some comforting words.  I hate seeing my friends in pain.  I take that more personally than if it’s my family.  My friend said something that I forgot two years in an email.  Your family is the people who are around you.  Doesn’t matter if its immediate family, significant other, or friends. 

If they care about you, then you have family. 

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