Biking for a Cause



The last time I rode a bike was in high school.  A buddy of mine, Matt Fischer, and I rode our bikes from our neighborhood in Highland Park (the one in Waterloo, not Des Moines’) to East High to do our off-season workouts for football.

Matt did the smart thing by taking his bike inside the weight room with him.  I chose to lock my bike up outside.  After we finished working out, I had no bike.  That was $90 down the drain.  Someone stole it.

I brought up that story as a lead-in to this post and what’s going to take place this upcoming weekend.  The American Diabetes Association of Iowa is hosting the inaugural Central Iowa Tour de Cure bicycle ride on Saturday, June 11th.  The bike ride will start inside Water Works Park at the south shelter.  The riders will travel down the Great Western Trail through Martensdale, St. Charles, and back.  Of course, there will be a stop at the world-famous Cumming Tap! 

Who in their right mind is going to bypass Cumming Tap?

We’re excited about starting this new event, but I have to be honest, publicizing Tour de Cure has been a challenge.  The bicycle community is inundated with a lot of events all over the area.  In fact, this weekend is the Tour the Raccoon ride along the Raccoon River, the Gravel Ride to the Sauk Trail, and the BRAMCO ride in Madison County. 

Central Iowa has a strong active bicycle community.  They do a lot of rides, for fun and for charity.  For us at American Diabetes, we’re the new kids on the block.  Over in Eastern Iowa, the Corridor Classic Tour de Cure will have their 4th annual ride in two weeks (June 25th).  It’s one of the most popular bike rides and events over in that part of the state. 

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have the support of the Iowa Hawkeyes, namely Kirk Ferentz and Norm ParkerParker’s battle with diabetes is well-known.  Norm’s so tough, he’ll be back in the pressbox this season.  The guy has become a personal hero to me as a fellow PWD (person with diabetes). 

We want to be where our colleagues in Eastern Iowa are at, but our main goal is to put together a great event for cyclists to enjoy and tell their friends about doing it in the future.   Rather than ask everyone to raise money this year (the ride is a fundraising event), and since this is our first TdC, we’re opening it up for you to register and ride with us for the day.  Registration is $25 and you can sign up on Saturday morning. 

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