Adobe Flash Player 10 Help

I didn’t realize how tough it was to ask a question on Twitter, until today.  But, I do need help and if there are is anyone who knows a lot about Adobe Flash Player, I would appreciate some advice. 

On Wednesday, my laptop automatically updated Adobe Flash Player 10 (w/Active X).  What happened next is what you would call maddening.  The videos I’ve tried to watch is all choppy and out of their normal spots, the annoying ads that are normally flushed to the right (like on the Des Moines Register’s website) are covering up the headlines and the stories, and it’s hard for me to get anything done. 

I’ve uninstalled it, but only to reinstall when I could not download videos and I was prompted to do so. 

Can anyone help me fix this flash player mess before I go batty?  I don’t have enough scratch ($$) to have Best Buy or other places to look at it. 


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