The “Royal” Frenzy



William and Kate will wed at Westminster Abbey on Friday morning. (PA Photos/Landov)


Prince Charles and Lady Diana SpencerPrince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.  On Friday, Prince William and Kate Middleton will exchange vows in front of the world to see.  This will be the 3rd Royal Wedding I will see in my lifetime. 

And unlike the last two, the coverage of this nupitals will dwarf what Charles and Diana went through, in terms of interactive media, aka social media and the internet. 

Of course, the boo birds are out and complaining about the excess coverage of this upcoming Royal Wedding.  Mmm, maybe some of them were too young or have no clue on how big Diana and Charles’ wedding was back in 1981.  Don’t blame the press and the ramp-up of this Royal Wedding. 

 We’re the ones to blame.  After all, we’re talking about it, obsessing about it, and several of us, including yours truly will be staying up late into the night to watch William and Kate’s wedding. 

“But why are we obsessing about a monarchy that’s still around?”  It’s the beauty and the prestige of the British monarchy.  England is one of several countries left that still has an active monarchy and they don’t hide behind Buckingham Palace like other royal families.  They’re not perfect, go through life’s issue like we do (divorce, scandals, births, and deaths), and with the access we have today, in contrast to 1981, we follow their every move. 

Despite all of that, we love weddings, especially the big and beautiful fairy tale Cinderella-like weddings. 

May I offer you a cup of tea to go along with your biscuits and strawberries and cream, old chap?   

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