Lost? Here’s a Map.

The dust have been settled. Here is your new map until 2020. (Spencer Daily Reporter)


Let’s see….

Tom Latham will move from the 4th to the 3rd to face Leonard Boswell.  Latham probably knew he had no chance in getting past Steve King.  Everyone expected Christie Vilsack to face Boswell for the 3rd.  She may end up moving north to face King for the 4th.  Vilsack could have moved back to Mt. Pleasant and run for the 2nd district, but Dave Loebsack is likely to move to the 2nd himself, because Bruce Braley isn’t leaving the 1st district and he’s an up-and-comer. 

Got it?  Make sense? 

Welcome to the world of redistricting. 

Now, here are some questions: 

  • Can Latham beat the old man?  Like I said in November, you can never count Boswell out, until he finally loses. 
  • Can Christie go where no woman or minority has ever gone and finally win a major election?  If Roxanne Conlin, Marianne Miller-Meeks, Lynn Cutler, and Bonnie Campbell couldn’t do it, what makes Christie the exception? 
  • Will Braley set himself up for a possible Senate seat before 2020? 
  • Will anyone care about Dave Loebsack in the 2nd? 
  • Will Don Quixote get any crazier? 

Oh, I haven’t even mentioned that the caucuses are around the corner. 

Better enjoy the spring air while it’s around. 

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