“Don’t Call it a Comeback”



Charl Schwartzel
The main story of The Masters should be Charl Schwartzel, who birdied the last 4 holes to win the Green Jacket. (Associated Press)


I watched The Masters this weekend and there’s a pet peeve that I have to get off of my chest, if you don’t mind.

I’m so tired of hearing this phrase…

“(Submit player or team) is back.”

“Tiger’s back!”

“The Huskers are back!”

Tiger Woods finished 4th at The Masters. He may be "back", but his putter hasn't...yet.


Yes, they are back, but it’s different. There is no such thing as returning to what they once were or used to be.

Has the Huskers returned to the Big Red dominating and overwhelming opponents during the Bob Devaney/Tom Osborne era? No.  Are they a good team and program?  Yes.  But don’t expect them to steam roll opponents like they did 10, 15, or 30 years ago.

Will Tiger return to the form that made the world stop to watch him swing a club? You may say “yes” he is returning to that form. Most of you think he is back.  However, it feels different. It will never be the same as it once was.

It’s hard as hell to replicate something special or important after a few down years or a major event that interrupts it.

We pine for the things that we loved and enjoyed in the past. But when our world evolve and things changes, for good and bad, we can be happy to see someone or something “come back”, but it will not be the “same.”

In other words, stop expecting the good ol’ days and accept the “right now”.

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