News and Sports Links – April 6, 2011


The Great Kenny Powers...still (trying and failing) livin' the dream...

I’m working on a few topics that I doing some research on, so in lieu of that, and to erase some of the memories of an offensive-inept national championship game on Monday (between Butler and UConn), let’s hit the “links.”

  • Thanks to friend Megan Hilger for this story from The Awl, written by Maria Bustillos, about the late writer David Foster Wallace and his vast library of personal notes and documents.  Those papers will be made available to the public.  Wallace committed suicide in 2008.
  • One of my favorite sports bloggers John Infante of The Bylaw Blog has an interesting point of view about Connecticut’s (UConn) win over Butler for the NCAA Division I-A basketball championship.  Expect teams that are or will be on probation to win national titles.  There is no such thing as a pristine program in Division I, II, III, or NAIA anymore.
  • Finally, Alex Pappademas of GQ catches up with actor Danny McBride (aka Kenny Powers of “Eastbound and Down” and the new movie “Your Highness”) and picks his brain.  Is Pappademas sure he wants to do that?


It sounds like it’s going to be another nice day outside.  Take advantage of it and enjoy it.

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