Sunday Afternoon Skimming


Steve Sabol of NFL Films.


It has been a few days since I last wrote.  With the NCAA basketball tournament being on, and getting a few things squared away before my family visits this afternoon, let’s get caught up on some stuff.

Call it a hybrid of linkage and some thoughts.

Donnelle Eller of the Des Moines Register has an article today on how job seekers need to tailor their resumes and polish up how their skills can be relevant to potential employers.  This comes on the heels of Unemployed in Des Moines‘ blog post on the presentation given by Mark True (aka The Brand Warrior) about personal brands.

It’s becoming evident that people who are searching for work will have to promote their skills, as well as define their professional and/or personal brand.  Will employers be willing to seek out potential employees with the skills that fit the job, or are they going to keep resorting to looking for that “perfect” candidate that may not exist?

Do as I say, not as I do? It sure sounds like it from Evan Bayh.

Cindy Boren of the Washington Post reports that NFL FilmsSteve Sabol will undergo treatment for a brain tumor.  Three weeks ago, Sabol collapsed during a function in Kansas City.  Sabol’s father, Ed, will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer for his contributions to the game with his creation of NFL Films.

It would be great to have both Ed and Steve Sabol be on hand in Canton this summer.  For those who are not sports fans in general, the Sabols and NFL Films have transcended pro football into one of the most popular and most-watched sport in America.

Here is one clip of their work on Vince Lombardi.

Credit to Claire Celsi (aka Public Relations Princess) for this eye-opening column by Ezra Klein from the Washington Post on former Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana.  Bayh decided to quit Congress, citing the growing frustration on the lack of bipartisanship and acrimony.  Klein expresses his deep disappointment that Bayh decided not to heed his own advice and doing the very thing that he destests:  lobbying as a Washington insider.

Instead of following in the lead of Jim Leach and a few others, Bayh decided to take the money and influence that he railed against when he left Washington.  Congress, in some ways, makes individuals turn from genuine people who want to do what is best for the nation into power-hungry fiends who want a piece of the pork roast that everyone else is dining on.

That’s all I have for now.  Enjoy the 2nd round games today!

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