The Science of Bracketology


His nickname is Joey Brackets.

He loves making predictions.

This is his favorite time of the year.  People love him or hate him, but when he pops his head on your TV set, everyone stops to watch him.

He’s not a political pundit or a dabble with a mystery ball.

Joey Brackets is obsessed with a science called “Bracketology.” He even teaches a college course on it.  Seriously, there is a class on Bracketology.


Joe Lunardi, the man behind Bracketology

Joe Lunardi has created a niche and a brand out of studying teams, their schedules, and how well they play as the NCAA tournament approaches.  It’s all trends:  who’s stumbling, who’s rising, who needs to win, and who can’t afford to lose.

ESPN leans on every word he says because his track record (allegedly) is solid.  Nevertheless, Lunardi loves this time of the year.

This is where he makes his money and people find out who he is.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. R.H. says:

    Wayne, in popular culture, sports fans will call it whatever they want. Don’t blame the messenger. I saw it as an interesting phenomenon.

    Yes, there are more important things and meaningful things that people do in science, but to imply that it’s an insult is taking it a bit too far.

    Either that or you are taking things a bit too seriously. Let me ask, if you don’t mind: have you commented this to the other sites that talk about bracketology or did you just decided to select mine to vent out your frustration?

  2. Wayne says:

    Stop calling bracketology, “science.” It’s insulting to people that actually do something meaningful with their lives.

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