“Do It For the Adults”

Variety - The Children's Charity in Iowa

Over the weekend, Variety, the Children’s Charity in Iowa, held their annual telethon in downtown Des Moines.  Stan and Jody Reynolds have turned what was an organization on its deathbed into one of the most popular and well-funded charitable organizations not just in Iowa, but in the nation.

What struck me as I watched some of the telethon and following it on Twitter is the all-too common line “it’s for the kids!” and “do it for the kids!” Variety raises money to donate to local charities that support children.  Whether it’s bikes for kids who don’t own one, providing transportation to U of I Hospitals and Clinics, Variety is there to make it happen.

Our human nature is to bend over backwards for kids, for they are small and helpless, and we’re suckers at heart for them.

When are we going to “do it for the adults?”

How is it that we don’t have the same passion to take care of ourselves, as adults, from a health standpoint and charity like we do for kids?

There are more adults who diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and other chronic illnesses than kids.  And yet, we’re not as so charitable and pulled at the heart-strings for each other as we are for the kiddies, unless if it’s a family member or a close friend.

It’s nice and admirable to “do it for the kids”, but let’s start doing it for our peers…the adults.

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