“Stuck in the Middle With You”



The Iowa Poll on Sunday indicates that the same-sex marriage debate isn't 50-50. It's 30-30-30. That might be a good thing.

My pal Reid Forgrave of the Des Moines Register filed a story on the latest Iowa Poll in Sunday’s Des Moines Register.  The new Iowa Poll showed that the same-sex marriage debate wasn’t entirely pro or against same-sex marriages and rights.

Add “indifferent” to the list.

The same-sex issue was split in three ways:  those who are in favor (32%), not in favor (37%), and have no interest (30%).

To quote Dean Martin, “ain’t that a kick in the head”!

What does this mean?

Live and let live.

This does not suggest that the 30% who are indifferent are in favor of same-sex marriage, nor does it mean they are against it.  The middle are comprised of those who are in favor and who are against it, but they are not going to pitch a bitch and go crazy about it.  With that said, the middle’s perspective is whatever happens, they can live with it.

It’s no secret that our society has dismissed people who profess to be moderates, or in the middle.  You know, the middle is probably smarter than you think.

My initial assessment/interpretation to this poll?  The more both sides keep up with the rhetoric and the gabbing about it, the less likely the middle is going to care about it. Those who are in the middle who look at this way:  the state Supreme Court made their ruling and regardless of if we agree or disagree with it, life moves on and we’ll adapt to the ruling.  That doesn’t mean we don’t care about it.  We care, but we’re not going apeshit about something that has become a part of our society.

Many Americans, Democrat or Republican, black and white, still look in disgust when they see an interracial couple walking down the street.  The GLBT community will have to deal with that everyday as well.

Either you accept it or you don’t.

In other words, not everyone is interested in something that you obsess about so much.

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