If It Doesn’t Love You Back…


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk made a comment that made sense to me when it comes to being calm and rational.  In writing about the NFL labor negotiations, Florio warned both the owners and the players association “there’s no point getting overly emotional about the ups and downs (during the negotiations).  They are inevitable.”

He’s right.

When my mom called me last Monday to tell me that my sister went into labor, I didn’t freak out, act out emotionally, or jump to conclusions.  I calmly put my clothes together, put them in the car, and I drove to eastern Iowa.  By the time I got to the Amana exit on I-80, my sister delivered her second child, with her husband there to see it (he was finishing up his 5-year duty in the military when their first child was born).

That didn’t deter me that I didn’t make it in time.  I kept driving until I arrived at the hospital.

I’m not an emotional person by any stretch.  I strive to get the facts and make a rational thought or decision.

And I keep my calm and see things through.

Which is something a lot of people this past week couldn’t do or chose not to do.  Wisconsin, the Pollock, this, that, and knick-nacks everywhere.

All of that doesn’t bother me too much, because those are not the most important things to me.  Other will disagree, but that’s their problem.  I don’t live for stuff that doesn’t affect me directly as much as family does.

One of my personal mantras has been this:  love your family, love your significant other, love your dog, love your friends, and love your parents.  Like everything else.  Money, materialistic things, food, cars, to name a few, you can like.  They don’t love you.

Labor strife doesn’t love me, economy doesn’t love me, and as much as I love art, the Pollock painting hanging in the Figge Art Center in Davenport doesn’t love me. Therefore, I “like” art.  I should clarify that more often.

How can I “love” something and expect to get it back in return?

That’s why you should “like”, not fall in love, sacrifice your time and your life to it.  What good does that do?

My two nieces love me.  That’s what I give a damn about.

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