National Sports Writing Honors for the Register and Others

The Des Moines Register sports department was honored by the APSE.


Individuals who walk into a newspaper newsroom everyday are assigned the task of reporting on stories, fact-checking, confirming sources, and writing it up so that the public is informed of what is going on. 

I have the upmost appreciation for the reporters and people who work at the Des Moines Register and newspapers world wide.  Without them, I wouldn’t know what is going on each day. 

The Des Moines Register‘s sports department deserve your attention, among three other Iowa newspapers on this Thursday.  The Associated Press Sports Editors (APSE) handed out their 2010 awards, and the Register was honored on several top 10 lists in respective categories for excellent sports reporting and writing.  The Register was grouped in the 75,001-175,000 circulation level. 

Sports columnist Sean Keeler was honored in several categories by the APSE.


Several other Iowa newspapers received top honors as well. 

  • The Quad City Times:  Daily Sections for 30k-75 circulation level (honorable mention).
  • Andy Hamilton of the Iowa City Press Citizen in the category of Feature Writing for the under 30k circulation level.
  • Iowa City Press-Citizen:  Daily Sections under 15k; honorable mention for Daily Sections under 30k. 
  • Muscatine Journal:  Daily and Special Sections for under 15k

Congratulations to those who have been mentioned for being honored by one of the most reputable sports journalism organizations in the nation. 

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