Change is Painful but the Reward is Sweet

Ted Thompson apparently knew what he was doing by making the unpopular choice of replacing Brett Favre with Aaron Rodgers. (Corey Wilson/Green Bay Press Gazette)

Ted Thompson didn’t crack too big of a smile Sunday night.  The Green Bay Packers general manager was humbled and yet driven, even after his team defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25, in Super Bowl XLV.  He knew that his plan would succeed, but not without some criticism, divided loyalty, and hurt feelings.

It’s no wonder why he didn’t act like he had the last laugh or display a big grin.  He didn’t have to.

He was “the bad guy” when he decided to go with Aaron Rodgers and let Brett Favre go from the team.

Thompson didn’t deviate from his plan.  Thompson, made a business decision, that was in the best interest of the organization.

It worked.

What’s the main idea?  The people who runs organizations that are forward-thinking, looking ahead, and willing to take a risk that could make or break them, know what they are doing.  Thompson was willing to let a superstar (Favre) walk away and put in a new guy (Rodgers) who has the potential to be successful.

It was time for the organization to evolve.

Similar to the business world, the top sales guy or gal can get you the accounts and bring in big profits every year, but in the law of diminishing returns,  is he or she still bringing value to your organization like they did 10 years ago?  If you are holding on to him or her based on name recognition and what they can do, ask yourself this:

  • are they evolving with the times and the trends?
  • are they willing to take on a lesser or greater role to help the organization?
  • are they unwilling to give up what they do?

That is what Thompson faced.  He knew it was time for Rodgers for replace the superstar.

Rodgers and the team that Thompson and McCarthy assembled delivered Sunday night.  All of the attention was on Rodgers, but it was a team effort.  It wasn’t about the former superstar, or sales guy.


The Packers huddle up during Super Bowl XLV. (Evan Siegle/Green Bay Press Gazette)

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