Don’t Mess with Beavers

Don't you have a bad feeling that you may run into Flo in a supermarket aisle one of these days?

Earlier today, the greatness that is Josh Fleming of Lessing-Flynn and Strategic America (SA) talked about Flo, the annoying customer service aisle girl from the Progressive Insurance commercials.  Josh tweeted “If I never hear a Flo from Progressive ad again it will be too soon.”  To which SA “cosigned” (endorsed) the tweet without any hesitation. 

Being the information hound that I am, I landed a gold mine several weeks ago by finding a set of commercials that, if you can see through the double entendre, is laugh out funny and make Progressive’s Flo campaign look like one of Michael Libbie’s “Worst Commercial of the Week.” 

Molson’s have been producing beer in Canada for a long time.  In the following four commercials for their “Molson’s Canadian“, you’ll see how they lampooned the cultural references of Canada (beer, dialect, and my favorite curry critter, the beaver), and rolled them together. 

Let this be a friendly reminder to Flo…don’t mess with the Beaver!!!  The critter, not the kid named Cleaver.

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