News and Sports Links – January 26, 2011


Time for some linkage this afternoon.  After all, many of you wouldn’t mind getting away from the State of the Union talk and sick football players. 

Tim Dwight...the guy who put me on my butt in 1993.
Tim Dwight

James Q. Lynch, Lee-Gazette DSM bureau (via Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier):  former Iowa football standout Tim Dwight and current New York Giants quarterback Sage Rosenfels, met with legislators at the Iowa Capitol advocating for support for solar energy and $7 million in funding for Techworks in Waterloo.  Dwight, who owns his own solar energy company, called on legislators to develop smart solar energy policies. 

One Guy’s Journey:  Jason Mollica is the lead writer for this great insightful blog.  He writes that the real meaning of the movie The Social Network isn’t about how Facebook has become our “virtual telephone”, but it is an example of  the entrepreneurial spirit

Tommy Morrison

8 Count News:  Remember Tommy Morrison?  Of “Rocky” fame?  The All-American good looks and the powerful punch?  Morrison is scheduled to box in Montreal on February 25, 2011 against journeyman boxer Eric Barrak.  But Quebec officials may prevent him from boxing, since Morrison has refused to submit to HIV and hepatitis testing.  New York attorney Paul Haberman explains the convoluted situation that is in front of Quebec if Morrison defy officials and proceed to get in the ring in late February. 

Jason Fagone, GQ:  Fagone looks inside and pens this great read about the end of the  Brett Favre reign in Minnesota titled “The Final Days of Favre”

 That’s all for this afternoon.  Creighton travels to Northern Iowa and San Diego State faces BYU in a highly anticipated contest tonight. 

And drink plenty of water to before, during, and after working out at Aspen, 24/7, or the Y tonight.  Common sense, folks.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. R.H. says:

    Jason, you are welcome! I have been reading your blog for a while and I thoroughly enjoy your insights. It’s a great blog!

    I really wish Tommy would either take the test or don’t fight. He’s putting himself in harm’s way by being defiant and not taking his opponent’s health risk into consideration.

  2. jasmollica says:

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog! I hope you enjoyed the read.
    I can’t believe Tommy Morrison still wants to fight… ugh!

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