An Early Thought on the Tucson Shootings

A few words, if you will, about this morning’s shooting at a Safeway grocery store in Tucson, Arizona, that included U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, U.S. federal judge John Roll, and a 9-year old child.  The current update (accurate information at this juncture) is that Giffords has survived and is out of surgery, however Judge Roll and the young child were killed.

For those who assumed that this shooting was based by some sort of Tea Party reaction, or a backlash in response to the ongoing immigration debate in Arizona, I would advise to back off of those assumptions for right now.  The internet and Twitter is usually good for gathering information, but like what we saw with several weeks ago with the off-field issues involving Iowa football, “we think we know but we don’t know” what lead to the 22-year old individual walking into the Safeway and proceeded to shoot. 

And I’m as guilty as anyone for relaying and accepting information without waiting for verification.  This is a reminder for me to wait for the right info and gather the facts.  It makes no sense rushing to be the first to tell your friends, colleagues, and sources.

Was this person mentally unstable?  Was this person upset about something that may or may not be related to politics and policies?  Was this individual looking for attention for himself or taking up something that no one or no groups endorsed?  Was it just a random act, regardless who was there?

From the early indications, and it could change quickly throughout the night or the next several days, the shooter may have been mentally unstable.  Again, I stress, we don’t know, and we have to wait until the correct information is released.

Instead of playing detective and making assumptions on who or what was behind this tragic shooting (and no conspiracy theorists or politicos, Sarah Palin didn’t order a “hit” on Giffords, nor is that relevant at this damn time), let us wait for all of the facts, the official police report, and mostly, the details of this incident.

As you can see, the media is in a flux over this because there are too much conflicting reports.  It’s vital for them to get the correct facts, not race to be the first to report (Breaking News, Reuters, CNN, etc) on it.

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