Always a Controversy

Bert Blyleven in 2008
Former pitcher and current broadcaster Bert Blyleven was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday.


Is it me, or is it becoming a common occurrence that “controversy” plagues the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame (HOF)?  Every January, the HOF announces the new class of inductees that will be enshrined in July.  The Baseball Writers Association of America (BWAA) are in charge of voting who gets in.  On Wedneday, pitcher Bert Blyleven and second baseman Roberto Alomar were selected to represent the class of 2011.

And as clockwork, the arguments come out of the woodwork.  “If Blyleven couldn’t get in after the 10th time, then he shouldn’t get in the HOF anyway.”  “If Alomar was a first ballot HOFer, why punish him (for the Hirschbeck spitting incident) until now?  It’s petty?” And my favorite lines:  “If a player has to be campaigned for to be in Cooperstown, then he isn’t HOF worthy” and “this is the Hall of Fame.  Not the Hall of ‘Very Good’.”

No wonder why the NFL, NBA, NHL, and other American sports leagues never have this problem or so much conundrum.

It’s sad that a sport like baseball can be so contentious over who and how they vote a player into their Hall of Fame.

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