Bowl Day 2011


Remember this post a year ago today?

Don’t expect a repeat performance.


While all the talk was about Boise State, TCU has built themselves a solid resume as a non-BCS power. Bret Bielema found that out today.

Today was ugly and if you are a Big 10 fan, that was embarrassing.  As a Big 10 homer, if I’m not wearing my Wartburg orange, I’m not afraid to say that with the exception of Iowa and Illinois, the powers that be in the league flopped so badly, a school of fish thought it was sorry performance.

Michigan and Michigan State got blown out, Northwestern dug themselves a hole and tried to play cardiac kids again.  Texas Tech saw to it to nip that in the bud.  And Wisconsin was outclassed and outplayed by TCU. Let’s not offer excuses that it was a fluke that TCU beat Wisconsin.  ESPN posted a stat at the end of the Rose Bowl that speaks no lie:  the Horned Frogs were 16-3 vs. BCS schools since 2003.  They have beaten 16 “major conference” schools in 8 years.

They were more than ready and willing to take on the Badgers.

What does say about the Big 10?  Plenty, but not as much as it says about the pundits who predicted that the Big 10 will do well, only to go turncoat and hide today. The Big Ten isn’t who we thought they were this year, or at best in bowl games to end this season.

And I didn’t mention Nebraska.  They don’t become members of the Big 10 until August 1, 2011.

Bowl games are what they are:  teams who want to be there will play better than the team who didn’t want to be there.  Nebraska didn’t want to be in San Diego.  Northwestern didn’t want to be in Dallas.  By the time the Wildcats figured it out, it was too little too late to pull off a 4th quarter miracle yet again.

Dennis Green, do your thing!

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