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What is this goofy looking design on the right?  It’s called a quick response, or QR code.  What it’s design to do is track or scan products, prices, and follow websites.

Why is this code posted on this blog today?  Thanks to Chris Snider, who teaches at Drake University, this is the QR code to this blog.

Since getting my new phone with the Android features, I have been anxious to use the scanning application I downloaded.  But there are two questions that I can’t seem to figure out and I need your help.

1.  How do I save a QR code on my phone as a bookmark, and

2.  How do I make it a part of this blog?  Should I put it over by the sidebar, and if I do, how can I do with, since I use WordPress(.com) as a host?

We have an active and progressive social media community here in Des Moines. What I lack in business and consulting, I make it up in writing and understanding how social media can be a vital tool for businesses and regular citizens.

Can you help a brother out?

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  1. R.H. says:

    Thank you Rich! I’m using an scanner app that is different than the one you suggested.

    If it’s available, I will download it and give it a shot.

  2. Rich Drake says:

    I don’t know what scanner you use on your Android device. I like QuickMark myself. It has a share button on the main screen that allows you to share the info you scanned or bookmark it.
    A QR code can serve many purposes. It can be a web link as in your example. It can also contain your contact information in the form of a vCard, a phone number, an email address, a calendar event or just plain text. A good encoder that lets you encode different types of QR codes can be found at . The cool thing about them is that the readers are programmed to recognize what the code is, so if its a vCard it will give you the option to save the contact information, if its a phone number it opens your dialer etc.
    As far as how you would implement it on your blog, it’s going to depend on what you want to accomplish.
    I agree with alexson, put a QR code on your business cards. Business cards are dirt cheap these days, I wouldn’t let having 200 left stop you from getting new ones.

  3. R.H. says:

    I still have 200 business cards left from when I purchased them last year. I have to burn through them first, before ordering any more.

  4. alexson says:

    Slap that bad boy on some business cards, Romelle! I’m starting to play with QR codes, too. The possibilities are almost overwhelming 🙂

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