Sports and News Links – December 13, 2010



The new Big Ten Logo. Hit the picture to read how this was created.

Mondays are usually good for a distraction when you return to the grind.  But, this is no ordinary Monday, with the Big Ten announces the new division names and logo to brand the league with the addition of Nebraska.

Leaders and Legends?  Oh boy.

But let’s find a few other distractions that is sure to keep you interested in things outside of Hawkeyes and the Big Ten Conference.

Reid Forgrave, Des Moines Register:  I mentioned this three-part series on Saturday about my friend and former classmate Heather Jacobs and her family.  In 2006, her husband, Eric, after having a dream about himself dying, videotapes a message for his family.  Several months later, he loses his life in a plane crash.  Today, part 2 of the series was published, with part 1 on Sunday.  The final chapter will be published on Tuesday.  On the heels of the ESPN “30 for 30” documentary on SMU rules-breaking road towards the NCAA “Death Penalty punishment, a great discussion has begun on that site on how come more schools have not been punished severely by the NCAA.  Is the NCAA capable of meting out punishment or are they overwhelmed by the number of schools in Division I-A?


Erica Blasberg (Getty Images)

Joe Posnanski, Sports Illustrated:  JoePo, as he is commonly referred to as, writes an excellent blog about the “snide apology” that fellow sports writer Murray Chass wrote after writing that Tom Verducci did not vote for former MLB players association rep Marvin Miller for the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Verducci did vote for Miller.  Posnanski says”…to call someone by name without proof is not just a violation of journalistic ethics, it is a disgusting thing to do.”

Alan Shipnuck, Sports Illustrated:  LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg was found dead in her Las Vegas home on May 10.  Initial speculation was that she was murdered.  Shipnuck lays out the sad lonely account of the golfer who struggled to make it on tour and ended up taking her own life.

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