“Westward Ho” for Iowa

Hello Insight Bowl!

Barring any last-minute drama, the black and gold of Iowa is set to accept a bid to the Insight Bowl in Tempe Arizona on Tuesday, December 28 at Sun Devil Stadium.

Hawkeyes fans, are you ready to tackle Nebraska a year early, or will you finally settle for that long-anticipated showdown versus Missouri? The Tigers pulled out of having a home-and-home series several years ago, opting to play weaker opponents.

(Edit) Answer: it’s the Missouri Tigers.

As a way to have fun and see how honest we can keep the national prognosticators, here is ESPN’s prediction page, Greg Dooley’s BCS webpage, and Fox Sports’ predictions.

On the early onset, I like this matchup for two reasons, whether it’s significant or not.

1.  It preserves the Nebraska showdown for next November.  If they were to meet in this bowl game, it would take off some of the luster and anticipation that both fan bases were looking forward to as the Huskers join the Big 10 next summer.

2.  A little reminder to Mizzou:  Mizzou and Iowa were slated to play a home-and-home series against each other around 2004.  Missouri asked and begged to pull out of the contract, opting to play lesser opponents.

As if the Honey War wasn’t a good enough reason for animosity between both states and both schools, this bowl matchup will ensure that Missouri doesn’t duck out of this one.

That’s a good thing.

I wanted this series back then when the Tigers chickened out, but now that both teams will play in Tempe, I’m looking forward to this.

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