News and Sports Links – December 5, 2010


As we wait for the Bowl Championship Series pairings to be released, I hope you are keeping warm, sipping something warm, and watching NFL, catching up with the Sunday talk shows, or whatever you have on your plate.

Let’s look at a few links on this Sunday afternoon.


East Waterloo High School

Andrew Wind, Waterloo Courier:  1/2 of the 8 Iowa high schools that were labeled “dropout factories” between 2002 and 2008 have been removed from that list.  The issue now is which four schools are still considered “dropout factories” and East Waterloo High parents want to know if their school is still on that notorious list.

Pat Borzi, Minnesota Post:  It’s been a banner year for college football in Minnesota.  St. Thomas, Bethel, and Minnesota-Duluth qualified for the playoffs in Division III and Division II, respectively.  With all of this success, Borzi asks why the Minnesota Gophers hasn’t reaped the success the smaller schools have.

T.J. Simers, L.A. Times:  A few weeks ago, USC running back Dillon Baxter accepted a golf cart ride by Teague Egan.  That ride cost Baxter an one game suspension.  Why?  Because Egan was certified as an agent by the NFL, despite being 21 and has yet to graduate.  Simers tells the interesting story of Egan and his plans to represent all USC football players in the upcoming draft. Jay Christensen of The Wiz of Odds has a video on his website showing how Egan “rolls” with his campus “crib.”


Sterling Brewster, left, and Teague Egan of 1st Round Enterprises with their golf cart. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

Rehka Basu, Des Moines Register:  Basu announced in her column that she will no longer allow comments on her online column from anonymous posters.  Commenters will now be required to post comments, with their real names, on Rehka’s Facebook page, as a way to buckle down on inflammatory and childish comments being made, as well as hold posters accountable for what they say.

Finally, the BCS bowl pairings will be announced this evening.  Reports are rampant that Iowa could play Nebraska in the Insight Bowl (and get this much anticipated rivalry started a year early).  However pundits still think Michigan will be playing the Huskers, probably for tradition, eyeballs and ratings.

I’m not afraid to be wrong (sometimes I hope I’m incorrect), but my prediction is that Iowa will either land in the (1.) Outback, (2.) Insight, or the (3.) Gator Bowl.

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