A Change of Captains in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

It's time to put out the fire on the Viking ship. Now, how do these Vikings want to finish the season?

Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf made a decision today.  He informed Brad Childress that he was going to be relieved from his duties as head coach.  The issue of whether this should have been done earlier is neither here or there.

It might be an encouraging sign that Wilf finally got around to making major decisions for this organization.

The issue now is will Brett Favre be the next man out the door and will the Vikings show some life on the field to close out the season?

Leslie Frazier will take over as the interim coach.  Many Vikings fans feel he should be the head coach.  But all of that is contingent upon if the team can clean up their messy play of late.  Frazier is not without some controversy as I wrote in January, when he interviewed for the Seattle Seahawks job.  He knew he was a “token interview” for the job, that ultimately ended up going to Pete Carroll.

Can Leslie Frazier get through his audition without poor play from Favre and the defense?

It was no surprise to anyone that Seattle wanted Carroll, but had to follow the Rooney Rule as applied.

At 3-7, it’s unlikely Minnesota will qualify for the post-season playoffs.  A coaching change can help cure some ills, if only for the short term.  The Vikings have to address a lot of problems on offense, and ultimately the fate of Brett Favre, whether he wants to deal with it or not.


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