It’s Only Disappointing When You Make It So

WHO-TV‘s sports reporter and comedic talent Chris Hassel tweeted something that struck a nerve that bothered me Saturday night.

I’ve only been following Hawkeye football since 1990, but this is definitely the most disappointing season I can remember.

-Chris Hassel, Twitter

Personally, the next person, or Hawkeye fan, who says or writes that, need to look at themselves in the mirror.  That includes college football pundits and “couch coaches”.

The Iowa Hawkeyes are not a disappointment to you.  In fact, you made yourselves disappointed by having too high of expectations of the Hawkeyes to succeed, in order to satisfy you.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Let me explain.  Let’s say there is a movie you want to see.  From what you have heard from friends, movie critics, and others, this movie is a big hit.  You head to the theatre, with huge expectations for this movie to “wow” you.  When the movie ends, you walk out and say to yourself “I thought it would an awesome movie.  It wasn’t what I thought it was.  I’m so disappointed.”

"Good grief! Why do I keep having such high expectations that Lucy will hold the ball and not pull it at the last minute?" (Peanuts/Charles Schulz)

Who’s fault is that?  The movie, because it let you down?  Or is it you because you put too much expectations in the movie to blow you away?

The higher your expectations, the higher the chance that you will be crestfallen when it doesn’t meet your “expectations.”

Let me offer some unsolicited advice:  lower your expectations and expect meager results.  By doing that, you have a better perspective on the situation.  If things doesn’t go well, you will know, without overreacting, what went wrong.  If things go well and exceed what you thought it would be, not only it would be a surprise to you, but you appreciate it in the moment.

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