A “Chilly” Reception

"No matter what I do right or wrong, I'm still the bad guy. I need to get out of here."

Brad Childress feels like a pinata.  He gets hit from all directions as he continues to spin on the tiny thin string that is keeping him from crashing into the ground, and being ripped into pieces.  First it was Brett Favre, now it’s Randy Moss.  The criticisms of Childress are rampant, whether it’s accurate or not.

But as “Chilly” has become the embattled coach and a man on an island, I have to yet to hear NFL people and talking heads ask this question:  “where is the general manager in all of this?”

Good question.  It was not Brad Childress’ idea to court Brett Favre to the Minnesota Vikings in 2009.  Chilly was preparing Tarvarious Jackson to be the starter.  But as the coach, he reports to the GM and the owner.  If the GM and owner wanted Favre, the players wanted Favre, and the fans demand it, Chilly had to go along with the plan.

Not a lot of "Skol Vikings" being sung up north lately.

When New England was looking to trade Randy Moss, Childress wasn’t the one who made the trade.  It was the GM who sent a 3rd round draft choice to the Hoodie (aka Bill Belichick) for Moss.  Moss is the one who belittled a local caterer and gave his former team (the team that traded him away) props after the Vikings’ loss the to Patriots on Sunday.

Not Chilly.

Look, I’m not saying Childress is without blame.  What I’m saying is that Chilly is responsible for some of things that are going on, but when in the hell does the front office and some of the players take some heat? Brett Favre isn’t teflon.  Sidney Rice is banged up, Jared Allen has disappeared, and no one in the NFL is afraid of the Vikings this year.

If anything, Brad Childress was never given any support the day he became the coach.  But as the solider who has to fall on the sword, he has to take all of the blame, all of the misery, and the criticism, whether it’s deserved or not.

Being a coach is a lot like being an employee at a company that doesn't respect you, accept your ideas, and blame you for their faults.

If the workplace was like that where you are at, you’ll be plotting your way out of there quicker than you can say Visanthe Shiancoe 5 times.

There’s plenty of blame to go around, but one guy shouldn’t take all of it.  It’s called accountability for a reason.  Sadly, most of the Vikings would rather not take the blame for their own bad play and lack of leadership in the front office.

It’s too bad Childress couldn’t say “you know what, if that’s how it’s going to be, I quit.” But Bobby Petrino made that impossible to do.  Chilly will be the solider that gets whacked at the end of the year.  He had a plan and that was thrown out the window.  The Vikings, like the Gophers, better have a good plan for 2012.

Or let the “Ol’ Gunslinger” be the de-facto coach.  If they lose, he has no choice but to take the blame.

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