Write Your Own Goodbye Statement

Before you walk under this sign...write your own exit statement. Scripted lines suck.

There are not a lot of things that annoy me.  I’m a mild-mannered person most of the time.  It’s only when situations pop up unexpectedly or I’m being hurried, that I get pestered.

I would like to add the phrase “…we wish him (or her) best in their future endeavors” to my annoyance list.  This is a line that is used commonly in collegiate sports and in the business world when someone is let go from the office.

It is not genuine, nor does have show any real feelings.  The person or company who emails this as a memo to the rest of the employees do not truly wish their former employee well.

It’s a contrived, baseless script.  The employer think they can save face by “wishing” that person the best in their “future endeavors.”  In reality, they don’t care about the person once they terminate that professional relationship.

I feel that the person who is being let go should be given the option to write their own exit statement.

At least, it’ll be genuine and coming right from the person directly, instead of a scripted response.

Do you think it’s fair to let the exiting employee write their own good-byes, in place of the automated response?

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