Sports and News Links – October 8, 2010



Prepared to be spooked out at the Bad Dreams Ball. (Ann Hamilton portrait of "commute 1"/courtesy of the Des Moines Art Center)


Tonight, I’m working the “Bad Dreams Ball” hosted by the Des Moines Art Center and Art Noir.  That means I will not be doing score updates and the Twitter feed for KWKY radio tonight, as the Dowling Catholic Maroons visit the Johnston Dragons.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll be too far from the action.  I’ll be following Twitter and the hashtag #IAHSFB to get my updates from across the state.

Without further ado, let’s check out some links today.

-Adam Jacobi of CBS Sportsline posts an email that was sent out by Montana’s athletic director Jim O’Day addressing concerns about Montana’s possible move to Division I and joining the WAC.  O’Day expresses concerns about the financial state of the Grizzlies and if it’s worth moving up.

-Twenty years on Wednesday (Oct. 6), Colorado and Missouri hooked up for a Big 8 football game.  What culminated at the end of the contest was the infamous “Fifth Down” play that gave the Buffaloes the win.  St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s Vahe Gregorian re-tells this game and how it propelled Colorado to a national title and sent Mizzou into a decade-long spiral.

-Michael D. Bates of the Hernando Today (via Tampa Bay Online) chronicles how poverty is forcing people to make desperate choices to survive…even if it means putting their health off to the side.

LearnHub marks the 40th anniversary of the “October Crisis” as it became to be known in Canada.  The Quebec Liberation Front kidnapped two Canadian officials, killing one of them, forcing Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to invoke the War Measures Act, suspending all civil liberties in Canada which resulted in a “police state.”

One of the most memorable moments of the October Crisis was the interview exchange between Trudeau and a CBC reporter, in which at the end of the clip Trudeau uttered “Just watch me” when asked how was he going to handle the situation.

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