It’s a campus holiday that no one knows about until it’s called.

Cross Country runners steak across campus in glee, as the bookworm in Vogel Library takes a deep breath in relief.  The Student Body President hides out on campus as a cadre of student drives up to the President’s house to pick him up and bring him to the victory bell in front of Walston-Hoover Stadium.

Today is Outfly at Wartburg College.

What the hell is Outfly?

Outfly is German for “Ausflug”.  It is a student-initiated, one-day holiday that occurs once a year during the Fall Term.  Outfly is called upon a date known only to the college president and the student body president.

In other words…no classes!!

So, what is it like when Outfly is called?  We’ll let KCCI-TV reporter (and former Student Body President) Eric Hanson explain it!

The official call of Outfly, from 2008 (below).

Outfly isn’t just confined to the campus up in Waverly, but over the past year, the alumni has taken upon themselves to host the Happy Hour version of Outfly across the state.  Tonight, Des Moines, Cedar Falls, and Dubuque are having alumni Happy Hours to celebrate the tradition of Outfly.  For the locals here in Des Moines, we’re meeting at Hessen Haus, starting at 5:30 and lasting until 7:30pm.

By the way, it’s not just for Wartburg alums either.  Non-Wartburgers are invited to come to, whether you attended for a few years or someone you know went to Wartburg (like me!).  We’ll tell you how we “punked” Luther College at their Homecoming parade and the infamous Luther “Air Drop” that got us on ESPN in 1996.

We’ll see you tonight, or we may have to take drastic measures to get you to come out tonight!


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